Excellence is not a magic pill. It requires management, commitment and years of persistent effort to gradually climb up the stairway to excellence.

Message From Dr. Arif Alvi

President of The Islamic Republic Of Pakistan

I am pleased to note that Pakistan Institute of Management (PIM) has launched the Pakistan Management Excellence Award (PMEA). This will certainly help address crucial issues related to capacity building in Pakistani organizations by motivating and inspiring our management at all levels.

Pakistan is at the crossroads of major economic development with our Government spearheading structural reforms to facilitate foreign direct investment and trade, improve SMEs' performance and boost the image of the country. Pakistan needs to enhance its national productivity, efficiency, innovation, and effectiveness at both the state-run and private enterprises to compete in the international markets. Pakistani organizations must adopt international best practices in the realm of management and creatively devise newer and better practices that are in line with our culture and indigenous circumstances.

Organizational Excellence is a never ending journey and PMEA is our first step in developing a unified baseline, wherein we will be able to set benchmarks and improve our competitiveness and productivity. We must work together with the Mission of making our systems and processes effective and efficient. Let us not think that this path will be easy, rather let us be steadfast in our efforts. And let us all remember that excellence is a journey, not a destination.

I would once again like to extend my congratulations to PIM and Ministry of Industries & Production on the launch of PMEA. I believe that all organizations in Pakistan will benefit from the exchange of ideas and experiences shared through this platform.

15th April 2019



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