PMEA is not about winning the award, it is about the quest for continuous improvement.

Recognition Categories

PMEA is a program for continuous improvement. Upon registration, each organization receives a report on their “State of Excellence” with recommendations on future actions. Once the organization deems itself ready, it can opt to apply for PMEA.

Following scoring thresholds will determine award and/or certificate eligibility, as per the assessment and Jury determinations:
• Excellence Award (>70% Points)
• Certificate of Appreciation (61-69% Points)
• Certificate of Recognition (51-60% Points)

All organizations which fall within the above score bands, will be recognized. As such there are no preset limits on the number of awards and certificates which will be handed out.

PMEA Innovation

This award will recognize organizations implementing innovative practices and/or technologies, resulting in enhanced effectiveness, employee and customer satisfaction and profitability.

PMEA Customer Excellence

This award will recognize organizations exhibiting excellence in internal and external customer experience leading to increased efficiency, customer retention, satisfaction and profitability.

PMEA People

This award will recognize organizations implementing best practices in strategic human resource management leading to increased employee satisfaction, motivation, retention and engagement.

PMEA Program Registrants

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