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Council of Champions

Leading organizations are invited to join the PMEA Council of Champions (CoC), to work alongside the Government and promote excellence. CoC mandate includes advocacy and fund raising. CoC members contribute monetarily towards PMEA program. CoC member organizations act as role models of excellence and best practices.


PMEA Secretariat develops a pool of Assessors. Professionals working in diverse organizations with relevant experience are invited and trained to become PMEA Assessors and Lead Assessors. They are assigned to review client reports and participate in site visits, as directed by PMEA Secretariat. Their performance is continuously monitored.


An independent Jury is constituted by the PMEA Secretariat comprising of senior quality, productivity, academia, industry and management professionals to oversee the assessment process. The Jury reviews and approves all PMEA assessment reports. Jury may opt to interview the assessment team lead and/or meet the client, as deemed necessary.

Governing Body

An independent Governing Body (GB) provides oversight to the PMEA program. GB members represent diverse stakeholders from academia, chambers of commerce, trade associations, public and private sector organizations. GB ensures adequate governance of the PMEA program. GB approves PMEA strategy, policy, budget and plans.

PMEA Program Registrants

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