PMEA will provide an international benchmark to organizations in all verticals, both in public and private sectors.

Stage One

Register to Excel

PMEA Registration

  • All Public & Private sector organizations are eligible.
  • Client organzaiton completes PMEA Registration Form & pays fee.
  • 50% Registration fee discount for micro size organizations.

PMEA Awareness Training

  • Client selects PMEA training session.
  • Client nominates staff.
  • Client staff attend PMEA training.

PMEA Self-Assessment

  • Clients completes PMEA Self-Assessment.
  • Client provides additional 3-5 pages of supplementary information.
  • Client submits above information to PMEA Secretariat.

PMEA Reporting

  • PMEA Secretariat prepares the Initial Feedback Report (IFR).
  • IFR will identify gaps, suggest improvements & provide an indicative score.
  • All Registered organizations will recieve respective IFRs.

Stage Two

Apply for PMEA

PMEA Application

  • Eligibility, as per Stage One IFR & Client readliness/score.
  • Client organization completes PMEA Application Form & pays fee.
  • Application fee as per # of employees- Micro (1-9), Small (10-49), Medium (50-249), Large > 250.

PMEA Submission Training

  • Client selects award submission training session.
  • Client nominates staff.
  • Client staff attend award submission training.

PMEA Submission

  • Client designates cross-functional team to prepare the PMEA Submission Document.
  • Client Submission Document and supplementary information shall conform to PMEA guidelines.

PMEA Assesment

  • PMEA Secretariat asigns Assessors to evaluate client submission, offsite & onsite ( qualified cases only ).
  • PMEA Secretariat prepares Feedback Report (FR) with the final score.
  • All PMEA applicant organizations recieve the FR.

Stage Three

Award & SBP

PMEA Jury Review

  • PMEA Jury reviews all FRs.
  • PMEA Jury determines need for client visit/call.
  • PMEA Jury validates and prepares its recommendations.

PMEA Governing Body (GB)

  • PMEA Secretariat submits Jury recommendations to GB.
  • GB ratifies Jury report.
  • PMEA Secretariat commences awards preparation process.

PMEA Ceremony

  • PMEA Secretariat makes all necessary arrangements.
  • PMEA Secretariat issues invitations.
  • PMEA Secretariat ensures adequate media coverage.

PMEA Share Best Practice Conference

  • PMEA Secretariat makes all the necessary arrangements.
  • PMEA winners are invited to share best practices.
  • PMEA GB/Council of Champions members invited to host sessions.

PMEA Program Registrants

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